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Anonymous asked: What brand of Poppers to you enjoy the most. I have tried several but have not found one that is worth repeating

Jungle Juice Platinum seems to be pretty good. Although lately I’ve been enjoying NOT using them.

Text 18 Mar 8 notes Cock-a-palooza

So, I had an 8 load weekend. I think guys are getting all anxious for spring, and with the moon getting toward full—- well, so was my ass.

Friday evening I took two loads in my gym steam room. There were only 3 of us in there, and we had an uninterrupted span of about 8 minutes.

Guy #1 is a slightly chubby Latino dude with a fat dick. He’s fucked me before at the gym, but we were interrupted. This time he finished.

He started by playing with my ass while the other guy worked my nips. Then he are my ass to get me wet. Then it was shove and pump.

I took it like a champ, and the other guy was our cheerleader while we fucked. Soon enough Latino guys breath gets all shuddery and he groans as he unloads. Some more thrusting then he pulls out and exits the steam room with a smack on my ass.

Guy #2 is older and uncut. He’s been jacking and watching the festivities. He stands up and says “I’m close”. I bend over and he shoves in. Within seconds he’s injecting load #2.

Load #3 was from an Italian buddy of mine. 7” and beautiful cock. I woke up horny (even though I had a 3 way planned for 1pm) and found the Italian online. 10 minutes later he’s over and pounding my hole. When he came, I actually felt the liquid heat fill my ass. He came a LOT!

Loads 4 & 5 came courtesy of an older couple from my gym. Thanks to the cialis I took, I was rock hard and they took full advantage of my condition by taking turns riding my dick. Then they took turns fucking me.

The best part was the bigger of the two (full 8.5” thick cock) decided he wanted to stretch me a bit more, so he wore this rubber dick sheath toy thing. It made him even thicker (like he needs it!) and he pounded my hole while wearing it. Thank god for the prelubing of my hole from the Italian! The rubber sheath had a conveniently split tip so his head popped out.

He loaded me up while wearing it and managed to fuck a nice load out of me at the same time.

Load #6 was from another guy at my gym. After taking those 3 loads, I went to the gym for a workout. While in the sauna afterward, I ran into a big dick guy that I’d flirted with before. He followed me out of the gym and I said, “you should cum over and fuck me.” He said “okay”.

So we did.

I rode his curved 7” dick til he put another load of cum inside me. After he left, I thought to myself that I was probably done taking cock.

But then later Saturday evening I jumped on Scruff, and a 24 yo kid that I’ve let fuck me before was at a bar not far from my house. He asked if he could drop his load in me again…. Hell, why stop now, huh?

He came over, and in his semi-drunk condition he fucked me doggy for like 30 minutes until he came. It wasn’t a great fuck— no finesse— but it loaded me up even more, so…..

About 4 am I dropped a LOT of swimmers off at the pool.

I woke up Sunday morning and was STILL horny, so I jumped online. A guy I’ve had sex with before was on A4A and we started chatting. He is normally a bottom pig like I am, but he said he was in a topping mood. But he was looking for a long session.

I told him to cum over.

He’s a little, stocky cub of a guy with great legs and a broad, 6.5” dick. It’s really thick side to side, with a big, meaty head.

We kissed and sucked and played— and then he fucked me. He fucked me for 1.5 hours solid. Not pounding, but he was long dicking me the whole time. All the way out—- then all the way in. My poor hole was begging for mercy and yet he wouldn’t cum.

It took some very dirty talk and a lot of anal squeezing before he finally launched load #8 inside me. It was definitely a hot fuck, and it put the exclamation point on my weekend.

I don’t think I need sex again now for at LEAST a few days!

Photo 9 Mar 18 notes The guy I just wrote about, hard and proud.

The guy I just wrote about, hard and proud.

Text 9 Mar 14 notes 9x5

That’s what his screen name essentially was on BBRT. 6’3”. Bi. Big cock top. And *he* hit *me* up! This is what his email said:

"I am 46th& N_____ south — traveling — looking for a bottom to host my cock and load"

I have him my address and said I would
Be ass up and ready for his dick. He wants a fairly anonymous scene— a pump n dump, but also wants me to suck him to get him hard first. No problem, I tell him. So He signed off and was on his way.

Admittedly, his online cock pic did NOT look 9x5. It looked maaaaaaybe a generous 8. But hey— it’s a nice cock looking to breed ass. I’m not gonna turn it down.

He arrives in 15 minutes and I buzz him up. True to form I’m on all fours when he walks in. I hear him strip by my front door and watch as he walks into the bedroom.

Hoh. Lee. Fuck.

His fucking meat was swinging and encroaching on mid thigh. Flaccid. And it was hefty! Thick. Broad headed. Perfect.

I jumped to sucking it, and he was instantly appreciative. “Yeah, bitch. Suck my cock! You like that big cock, don’t you? You want that in your pussy, huh?”

I nodded vigorously.

Now, I know some guys get turned off by the whole “ass being called a pussy” or being called a bitch thing. I know I go limp when some nelly faggot starts talking about their “pusssssssssssssy” and stuff. But it’s different when a bi, hung stud uses it to describe your fuckhole.

I stop sucking him long enough to say, “I want you to fucking knock me up.”

"Oh yeah. I wanna knock up that tight pussy! I’m gonna put my babies in deep."

We kissed after that and he got rock hard. That’s when I snapped the pic of his dick. It still doesn’t do him justice, but it was better than his online one.

I sucked him more and he started playing with my nips. I went crazy on his dick and he loved it. “Fuck yeah! You’re in heat, aren’t you? A fucking bitch in heat just itching to get bred?”

Yes. Yes I was.

He asks me how I want it. I tell him on my back. So he eases me down to the bed, we lube up, I hit the poppers, and we start.

He rolls me a bit onto my shoulder blades to get a good angle— and then slips his head in.


You know sometimes a cock is just perfectly proportioned and feels like it was made for your asshole? This was one of those cocks. Because as big and thick as he was, once his head popped in, he just slowly slid in to the hilt. And it was fucking incredible.

He kept asking if I was ok— oh yeah. Hell yeah. I was better than ok. And I told him so. And then he started fucking me with every inch.

"Fuck, you got a nice pussy! And TALENTED! Yeah, milk my cock with that cunt!"

We fucked on my back for awhile, then he flips me around to my side. This position is even better and he’s hitting deeper. He works my tits while I pulse my hole on his dick.

"Oh FUCK man, that’s a talented pussy! Damn it feels so good!"

I’m in fuck heaven right now and I look over my shoulder at him. “Fucking breed my cunt, man! I want your kids!”

"Oh, I’m gonna want you on your stomach for that."

So we roll over so I’m on my stomach with my legs together for him. This is obviously his favorite position because he really starts throwing the meat to me. And godDAMN it feels great!

He’s popping his head up into my second ring with each thrust and I’m about going fuck crazy. I ram back into him as he thrusts, trying to get him as deep in me as possible.

"Fuck that feels good! Fuck that feels good! Fuck that feels good!" He chants with every thrust. And I feel his massive dick getting just that tiny bit harder and larger and I know he’s close.

"Oh yeah! I’m gonna flood that pussy now with my spunk! You want it bitch? Want my swimmers?!?"

I don’t even have time to answer him (although he already knew my answer was a resounding yes) as his cock flexes one… Two… Three… Four… Five…. Times up inside my second ring. And it keeps squirting! Eventually I lose count, but I feel every throb and twitch as his cock vomits it’s load up my ass.

I make him lay on top of me and flick my nips so my ass will work out every last drop. The long pullout is intense.

As he’s cleaning up we both gush about how good the sex was and how we have to do it again. Although he doesn’t live close by, he works downtown and is just a stone’s throw away during the week.

We have each other’s contact info now. Man I really hope he becomes a regular.

Text 3 Mar 18 notes Against the Law?

I saw him in scruff last night. This cute lad that I thought had fucked me before. And since I was horny as hell, I subtlety hit him up.

Me: You got a load for my ass?
Him: yes
Me: so, you wanna cum over and donate it?
Him: yes! So horny!

I sent him the address and 10 minutes later there’s a knock at my door. Not a quiet, “I’m here to sneak in and fuck” knock. No, this boy knocked with purpose.

When I opened the door I realized two things: one, this was NOT the guy who’s fucked me before, and two, I just struck the jackpot.

The kid walks in wearing a university Law hoodie and jeans. And he’s drop dead fucking gorgeous.

Short sandy blonde hair. Bright blue eyes. Just enough face scruff to be wickedly hot. And a body—- the kind of smooth, tight, six-packed, body that only a 25 year old can have.

I led him in to the living room where I had some nasty, treasure island open playing. Given this boy’s wholesome, Nordic farm boy appearance, I started to think the porn might not have been a good choice.

He sees it playing and says “Whoa….”. I tell him I just put it on and I hope it’s ok. “Fuck that’s hot,” he says as his eyes devour the actors on the screen.

"Yeah, this bottom is about to get gang banged and destroyed by these big dicks," I tell him.

"I think I’ve seen this one," he confides. "There’s so much cum…..". And he starts rubbing his Crotch.

I quickly drop to my knees and open his jeans. And when I free his cock, I am not disappointed.

The boy had 7 inches of meat, a bit thinner, and it arcs downward. And man does this kid have a big nut sack!

He has that slightly musky smell of cock that has been pent up in underwear all day. It’s intoxicating. And I immediately go to town sucking his cock.

His “Awwww fuuuuuucks” and moans let me know he appreciates what I’m doing. And because his cock is thin enough and curved the right way, it easily slips down my throat so I’m nose to pubes.

This nearly makes his knees buckle.

I get his jeans and underwear off and he takes off the hoodie. I have him sit so he can watch the porn while I suck and deep throat him. I run my hands up under his shirt while I suck and I can feel every ridge of muscle on his abdomen. When I brush his erect nipples, he moans with pleasure.

I look into his eyes and tell him I can’t wait until he fucks me. With a lust filled gaze, He tells me in no uncertain terms he’s going to breed my ass.

I suck him more, and when his precum is drooling like a faucet I ask if he’s ready to fuck me. He nods and we go to my bed.

I lube us both and then assume the position (doggy). I sorta wish that we were doing it missionary so I could look at him or kiss him— but this is just about fucking.

He gets his head lined up, and true to 25 year old form just shoves it all in to the hilt. Thank god his cock is thinner- because it just slides right in, like sheathing a sword.

A meat sword.

He grabs my hips and starts fucking me with his entire length. The downward curve makes his cock hit all the good spots and just the thought of this young buck barebacking me has me going sexcrazy.

I want him to enjoy this, so I really start working my ass muscles- pulsing my grip and tightening on his out stroke, etc. Every anal trick I can think of. And he loves it.

I know, because he’s a talker, which really turns my crank. “Fuck that feels good! Oh fuck man, your ass feels amazing! I’m gonna breed your ass so deep!”

We don’t fuck long— he’s too torqued up and horny. “Oh man, I should slow down… I’m gonna blow soon….”

"Do it! Fucking cum in me!" I command.

"Gonna fucking breed your hole, man!" He warns.

And then I feel him cum. There is one HUGE throb of his dick, which I feel all the way to my spine, then the pulses as he starts spurting. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” He keeps repeating as he slams his cock into me over and over again.

"You got another load for me?" I ask. "Just keep fucking my hole if you want."

He doesn’t have a second load ready, but he fucks me until his dick is spent, and then slides out with agonizing slowness.

He’s kneeling on the bed and I turn around to kneel and face him. He’s grinning like a fool and sighing. “Damn buddy boy, that was hot!” I tell him. He nods. “I never do this,” he says. “I never bareback. But it was so hot!”

I start jacking my hard cock as I face him, and I see his eyes take down my body to watch.

"You liked fucking my hole raw, didn’t you?" I ask as I jack.

"Oh fuck yeah! It was so hot breeding your hole." This makes my dick twitch and I’m suddenly close.

"You want me to cum, boy?" I ask.

"Hell yeah. I wanna see you shoot."

"Tell me what you just did then," I say.

"I just dumped my seed in your guts. And you seriously got two weeks worth, man!"

I shoot my load all over the towel between us.

We chat a bit as we clean up. He is a law student and just finished up a big Moot Court thing, which is why he was horny and full of cum.

He told me he really liked it and he wants to do it again. He asks for a piece of paper, and he scribbles down his phone number for me. And before he leaves he says, “Oh, by the way— my name is Tommy.” I tell Tommy to study hard and drink milk.

I also told him we’re gonna do this again. And that my ass will be his to fill any time he wants it.

Text 24 Feb 5 notes Good Sex, Bad Sex

This past Saturday I got to have both.

First off, I had texted a hot daddy of mine earlier in the week where I begged him for a fuck. He was free Saturday afternoon, so we made a plan.

And just like usual, it was awesome.

He’s totally masculine, handsome, rugged, and has a 7.5” piece of meat on him. And he kisses like a champ and sucks cock and works my nips and….

Mmmm. Yeah.

Before I got there, I told him I really REALLY needed a good, long, slow fuck. The kind that would make me forget my name. He said, “Don’t worry. I’m gonna make love to that ass of yours— but in a dirty, sleazy way.”

He fucked the snot out of me, and then fucked his cocksnot INTO me. I was so turned on by the whole scene that I was rock hard when he finished painting my guts.

Then we made out a whole more and he begged for ME to breed HIM now! I was boned up and ready, so I got my daddy on the edge of the bed and threw him a good fuck.

I thought I’d cum immediately, but I managed to drill him good for awhile. He was begging for my DNA… So I bred him.

I’d forgotten how good it feels to cum in an ass! The way the hot wetness envelops you as you feel your dick throb out a wad. I may have to start topping more!

But now he was fully hard again and in a take charge mood. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was getting a second load. And then he lubed up with spit and proceeded to pound me.

I begged him to go easy— I had just cum and my asshole was still clenched. He stopped and said, “I gave you ‘nice’ the first time. Now we’re gonna FUCK.”

Eventually it started feeling good. Then great. My hole was leaking his first load all over his sheets but we didn’t care. I got very loud at the end and was basically shouting for him to fuck my hole and to knock me up.

He did and it was amazing. I think our whole session lasted 2.5 hours. 2.5 hours of really good sex.

* * *

On my way home from his place, I got a booty text from this guy I’ve been trying to hook up with for over a year. He “finally” had some time and wanted to swing by later that night.

Bonus sex!!! Hell yeah!!!

Well, he finally shows up around 10:30 pm and I show him in. We make out some, but it’s like he’s on bath salts and he’s trying to eat my face.

Then we go to the bedroom where he lays on my bed fully clothed. I have to work to get all his clothes off and he does almost nothing to help.

Then he just lays there.

So I start to work him over. More sting my face until I can get myself pulled away. I work his nips which he likes. Then I get to his dick, which is nice and uncut. I love sucking and playing with foreskin, but was instructed not to chew or nibble on it whatsoever.

Then he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth. Hard. But not in and out— no. He just grabbed and yanked my head into his groin so I would gag on his dick. Which I did. Almost to the point of vomiting.

Then it was evidently time to fuck. He rolled me over, spit on my hole and just shoved in. No finesse. No work up.

Thank god I had prelubed, or it would have been nearly a dry fuck. He pushed me around so he could get one knee up so that he was sorta fucking my hole on an angle.

I’m glad I had poppers.

After maybe 5 minutes of this he grunts loudly and I can feel his cock throbbing in me. And I’m glad it’s over.

"There. You just got my 5 day load," he says as he rolls into his back to loll on my bed.

The entire time he never touched me or my dick. Or sucked me. Or worked my nips. Basically nothing.

Now sometimes I don’t mind just being used as a cum dump. But usually that’s reserved for a walk-in scene where I’m lubed and on all fours and it’s anonymous. But this guy I know and we’ve been talking about fucking for a year.

Kind of a long buildup for bad sex.

Video 21 Feb 5,175 notes


Doing a tradition sex on this little buddy

For bikeguy

(Source: guysingear)

Text 21 Feb 19 notes 19 Load Night

This happened a few years back, but it still ranks as the most loads/cocks I’ve ever taken in one evening.

I had a buddy at the time who had a big ol dick and he loved to cum and piss up my ass. During one of our sessions he mentioned that he was going to a sex party the following weekend. A leather party. I said it wounded like fun and I’d like to maybe go sometime. He said he’d talk to the host and see about an invite.

A couple days later I get an email invite and I have to send a few pics so they can check me out. I do, and I’m approved— but it’s an anything goes leather party. I have to wear leather of some sort.

My buddy loans me a harness to wear (I have a jock and boots) and we drive to the party together (it’s 1.5 hours away).

When we get there we split up and I go exploring. The house where the party is huge with well over 100 leather clad men and there is sex happening everywhere. There is a garage with 4 slings and gloryhole booths. There is a sling outside in the screened in porch. There are fuck beds upstairs and piss play in the bathrooms, and closets for doing dark deeds, etc. And there is a basement that is roped off but has a red light on.

I asked about the basement- and was told that’s the host’s special dungeon which may or may not get used this party.

I drink some beer and suck a few cocks and end up taking a quick load up my ass in a glory hole booth from a hot “partnered” guy. He says he should’ve used a condom and not to tel his partner.

No problem. I mean, I know condoms are a good idea, but I had just started to realize that I was kind of a cum pig bottom. And I wanted to collect at least a couple loads at this party.

Then as I’m wandering I run into this furry daddy in a harness, chaps, and cap. We start making out and I start sucking his thick pipe. 7.5”. Thick. Straight. Uncut. Beautiful.

He wants to fuck me and I tell him I’m a bit shy and can we go someplace darker? We sneak off to this walk in closet and soon I’m on all 4’s and he’s squirting lube up my ass.

I hit the poppers and he starts laying that pipe. I’m dizzy and in heaven and loving being stretched by his raw, uncut meat. We’re fucking for awhile and I’m begging for him to breed me like the fun pig bottom slut I am… when I start to get really tired.

Bizarrely tired.

I’m wondering if I’ve hit the poppers too hard or had too much beer? I had been drinking steadily since I got there as I was a bit nervous in such a large orgy setting. And I was snorting the hell out of the Jungle Juice.

I remember getting to the point where I couldn’t support myself with my arms anymore and I made the guy stop fucking me. He pulls out and I remember sitting down and leaning up against the wall. He asks if I’m feeling ok, and I said I just need to close my eyes for a bit…..

The next thing I dimly remember is being in a sling and my body feeling sooooo heavy. Like I can’t move my arms or legs. Everything is fuzzy and muffled- like I’m under water. Only red, not blue. And there’s a cock moving in and out of my mouth as a guy holds my head. And there’s a cock moving in and out of my ass, too.

I manage to pull my head around and I look up at the guy fucking me. It’s a 60+ year old, thin, bearded daddy with full leathers on. He’s grinning and slamming into my ass— and then he parks it inside me and somewhere in my mind I know he’s cumming in me.

He is then replaced with a chubby, bald guy who slides in and starts sawing away at my hole. And old daddy comes up and shoves his spent cock in my mouth. I suck it as best I can— I remember tasting cum and the greasy sweet taste of lube.

Then my buddy who brought me to the party is fucking me and I don’t remember him entering me or the chubby guy finishing. I just remember images of him holding the sling chains while he watched his dick fuck me. I remember him cumming in me because he has over 8” and it kinda hurt because he was slamming it to me and it was really punching my guts.

Then with more clarity I remember the daddy that was fucking me in the closet stepping up and sliding into me. I remember him because his eyes never left mine. It was such a look of lust and sex and pleasure— I’ll always remember at least that.

When he finished, my buddy (who’d been watching me get nailed) helped me out of the sling. I remember being very lethargic and it being a bit of a struggle to get upstairs. He dumped me off at a couch and that’s where I woke up.

After my couch nap, I got up and went looking for my bud. It was very late and the party was winding down. He was in the kitchen and when he saw me he chuckled and said, “How ya feelin’ champ?”

I told him I was a bit groggy and not feeling great. Then I asked him what all happened to me.

"Dude, you don’t remember?" He said.

"Um, no. Actually I remember very little. And only bits and pieces."

"Yeah, you did seem a bit out of it. So you don’t remember getting fucked by all those guys?"

"I remember the sling, and I remember a couple guys doing me, including you, but that’s it." I told him.

"Oh man. Dude, you got fucked by like 18 different guys. The host found tops and had them come down and take turns on your hole. You seriously don’t remember?"

I started feeling really nauseous. “No. Do you think they all came in me?” I asked.

My buddy just laughed and said that was kinda the whole point.

We left soon after that and I rode home with a sore ass filled with 19 or so cumloads. At least I left a cum and lube stain on my buddy’s cloth seats as a sort of thank you.

Text 6 Feb 3 notes

Anonymous asked: Is it true you have aids?

Yeah— your fuckin Mom gave it to me.

Photo 29 Jan 824 notes cuminmedeepbro:


Coach Pervman’s Private Stash


For BG…

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