Text 19 Sep 5 notes Getting the Business

I was traveling for business this week, which I hate. I eat poorly, don’t exercise enough, and am generally miserable. The only benefit for travel is the chance to occasionally get some strange cock and hotel room sex.

Which I got on this trip. Three times.

The area to which I travel is decidedly not gay. It’s a sad, depressed small town just far enough away from any bigger city to be a sexual “dead zone”. Unless you get lucky.

On Tuesday I got lucky— twice. From two different guys staying in my same hotel.

I was horny and bored in my room, so I fired up all the various gay hookup apps and sites. And “Grindr”, of all things, got me my hookups!

The first guy was in his late 40’s with a barrel chest and a walrus mustache who was on a cross country motorcycle trip with his father. He asked me what I wanted, and I said “to suck your cock and then to take your load in my ass.” He replied “Room number?”

He made an excuse to his dad and was down in a few minutes— and his cock was quickly in my mouth. It was a (surprising) thick 6.5 incher that got rock hard. (He told me he hadn’t cum in almost 2 weeks, being with his dad and all).

He had me finger his ass while sucking him, and then he begged me to fuck him. So I did. I warned him that I would cum quickly, which turned out to be a good thing as he wasn’t “prepared” for a fuck. I warned him I was gonna cum and since he didn’t say anything, I painted his guts.

He then asked me to ride his cock, which I did. It didn’t take him long before he was leaving his swimmers in me.

He wasn’t gone from my place 5 minutes before I was hit up on Grindr AGAIN! This time by another guy in my hotel. Fortunately this one was also a top and was also down to fuck a load into me.

He was at my door a few minutes later and again I was on my knees. This guy’s cock was only about 5-5.5 inches, but FAT. It was very wide across and kind of stretched my mouth a bit. But after only a few minutes of me sucking, he pushed me on my back (my knees and feet over the bed’s edge) and he knelt down and started working my dick with his mouth.

Holy Christ was he a good cocksucker!

This was obviously his forte as he teased my dick with his oral skills and thrills. He probably sucked me for a good half hour, and he would have sucked out my load had I not previously just bred the other guy’s hole.

As he started slowing down on my dick, I begged him to fuck me. He looked up at me, stood up, pulled my ass to the edge of the bed, spit lubed, and shoved in.

Again, he didn’t last long with that wide prong of his. He sped up a little then said, “You want it?” I said, “Please?” And I felt the throbs of his cock as his juice began adding to the mix.

I shot my second, and surprisingly large wad on my stomach. After a slow pullout from him, he knelt again and licked me clean.

The third load didn’t happen until two evenings later when I found a guy on Adam4Adam. He was 20 minutes away, but he really liked my pics and was horny to breed ass, so he agreed to drive to my hotel.

This guy was a total fuck pig— versatile and lived to take loads as well as give them. He also liked to talk about hole he’d knocked up and loads he’d taken— which is hot.

He told me nasty stories while I sucked his mushroom-headed six incher. Eventually he broke down and said, “Ride my dick, slut!”

So I did.

I rode and milked and worked his nips and talked dirty to him about what a cumdump slut I am, and how I’m just a cock socket for any guy in heat— no loads refused. Stuff like that. I also talked about gang bangs and having fresh loads in me and how I took two the other night. He didn’t last long.

He held my hips steady and started thrusting up into me rapidly. “Gonna add my DNA to that cesspool cumcatcher of yours, you fuckin’ pig!” And with a grunt he started filling me. He shuddered every time I squeezed my hole to milk him.

That was last night and I haven’t cum since those two on Tuesday. I hope to get more tonight!

Text 7 Sep 9 notes The Ginger Cub

Only he’s not really a “cub”— he’s more like an otter. And he’s less gingery and more flame red. Oh, and he’s 26 years old.

I started seeing him at my gym a few months back— he’s hard to miss with that hair. Plus he’s handsome and has a furry little chest. Anyway, we never really spoke at the gym— but then I saw him on scruff. And decided to hit him up.

Much to my surprise he was receptive. VERY receptive.

Evidently he clocked me at the gym, and thought I was hot. And he also had seen me on Scruff— and he was down to fuck me since he loves to top.

And breed ass.

The kid came over this morning and oh my damn did he fuck the snot out of me!

Normally I avoid twenty-somethings as their skills can be iffy at best. Many times they just fuck like sewing machines— no finesse. But not this one.

He kisses like he’s been practicing since he was 10, he eats ass like a champ, sucks cock like he loves it, and as for fucking?


He teases the outside of the hole with his finger and then cockhead. He has 7 inches of meat, big headed and thick at the base. He fucks in multiple positions. He Takes his time and kisses while fucking. And he knows when to pound and when to short stroke.

The kid, as it turns out, is a major find!

And not only does he fuck like a pro, he cums like one. Ho-Lee-fuckballz but does he cum! He warned me when he was getting close, and then bam! He grunts and fucking floods my ass.

As his dick is still twitching in me his mouth is on mine, greedily. He then slowly slides out and directs me to shoot my load for him. He works my nips and kisses me until I blow.

Later, when I was at Home Depot, I *nearly* had an accident. It was all I could do to clench and keep his load from blowing all over the plumbing aisle.

Text 19 Aug 12 notes Unexpected Outcums

Last night I had a three-way. It was supposed to be two two-ways with me getting bred, but my big dick top bud found out I was having a visitor over at 7 and he wanted to join in and tag team me.

I’m always leery about setting up a three-way with two individual regulars. You never know if they will indeed tag team and breed you, or get busy with each other and leave you wanting.

Last night’s three-way definitely did not turn out how I’d planned it.

Both guys are named Dave so we’ll call them vers Dave and big Dave. Vers Dave arrived first and we got down to fucking immediately. Big Dave (cuz he has a big cock) walked in and then joined.

I was being fed bid Dave’s big cock while getting nailed. Then vers Dave said he wanted to see me take that big fucker. So they switched up for awhile and I sucked vers Dave while getting my cunt wrecked.

Big Dave was in a super pig mood and wanted me to dirty talk about how much of a cum slave I was and how I was a dirty fucking cum dumpster, etc. He even spit in my face (NOT my thing).

They traded fucking me a few times, but then while vers Dave was fucking me, big Dave slid into vers Dave. I didn’t necessarily mind this, as it mad ever Dave very hard, but I also worried a bit too. The deal was thAt I was to be the cum dumpster.

Big Dave fucked me again some, then the next trade off had big Dave fuck vers Dave who was fucking me. And that’s when it happened.

"Oh shit, I’m cumming!" Says big Dave. While he’s buried in vers Dave.

"You didn’t," I say, obviously a bit pissed.

"Sorry man, I thought I could hold it."

Big Dave was the one who pressed for this three-way and was texting me all day about how he wanted to make me his cumrag. He got himself all worked up and then lost his blob in the wrong bottom.


Then vers Dave lost interest in fucking me. Or at the very least he couldn’t keep it hard and eventually he was pushing rope. Probably cuz he just got an all day edged up nut from an 8 inch top.

He pulls his flaccid junk out and then sits back and starts jacking me off. I look to big Dave and ask if he’s got another nut— nope. Then I ask vers Dave if he’s gonna be able to breed me.

"It might not happen," he says apologetically.

So I’m laying there on my bed, and it is now painfully apparent that I’m getting no more dick and NO loads out of this three-way that I hosted. Oh no… Oh FUCK no. I find myself hard and horny, and angry.

So I sat up, flipped around behind vers Dave and shoved him down onto all fours— hard. I spit in my hand and slicked up— and shoved in hilt-deep into him.

And then I started to pound his ass.

Vers Dave is totally getting off on this turn of events and saying things like “Fuck that cum chute! Feel his fuckload in me!”

I have vers Dave’s hips gripped firmly in my hands and as I’m pounding, big Dave’s load is starting to run out of vers Dave’s hole. It’s making we, sloppy noises and I feel the hot slickness around my dick.

I glanced over at big Dave and his eyes are as big as saucers while he’s watching us. He’s only ever seen me as a sub bottom faggot that he uses as a cum dump.

"This is… Different," he says. "You look like a silverback gorilla raping his hole."

I lasted about a minute more and then I did what my favorite tops do to me— right as I started to cum I parked about halfway in his hole and let go.

Vers Dave knew I was close and said, “Dude, are you gonna mix your…. Oh fuck! FUCK! I feel your load throbbing out of your cock!! Fuuuuck!”

And big Dave is watching greedily saying “Hell yeah! Add your DNA to mine— breed that cunt!”

When I pulled out, a big blob of cum ran out of vers Dave’s hole and onto my sheets. We all then cleaned up and they left a few minutes apart.

This was definitely not the outcome I was anticipating when setting up this three-way, but I discovered that I actually enjoyed topping. And breeding a cummy hole. And kind of forcefully fucking a bottom.

In fact, my dick is hard as I think about it.

Text 2 Aug 19 notes Cumsloppy

I’m a cum whore bottom, obviously. But only rarely do I get to truly be a cumsloppy FUCKHOLE. And I was last night.

First I had this daddy over who has a 7x6 cum cannon. Sometimes he’s able to finish in me, sometimes not. But lady night he was mega horny. And hadn’t cum in a week.

After wrecking my hole for a solid 15 minutes he builds to the point of no return and let his balls loose in my ass.

At the time, it just felt like a regular fuck. Sure his beer can dick was stretching my hole and hitting me in all the good spots. But I didn’t think much else of it.

Just as he left, I got a booty text from a buddy who lives just up the block a piece. He asked if I wanted his load. Um, duh. So he came right over.

Holy. Sloppy. Holes.

Guy number 2 starts fucking me and the sensation was incredible. My ass was so cumlubed that his 7.5” fat piece just glided like silk in and out of me. And the fuck was WET! The sloppy noises of my cummy hole as he slammed me were amazing!

Then the cum started to run out of me. It was literally dripping off my ballsack and onto the bed.

The other top knew I’d just had a visitor and he LOVED the sloppy seconds!! It didn’t take him long before filling me with his own 4 day pent up load.

Needless to say, I went to bed VERY full last night.

Text 28 Jul 7 notes The Pumper

I’ve done quite a few things sexually, as you all have read. Really, there’s very few stones left unturned for me. However, I’d never really done the whole “vacuum pumping” thing. Until this weekend.

This past Saturday I had an older guy come over for a fuck session. We had played before several times, but not for like a year. He is probably 60 (or more) and a sawed off, stocky daddy type. With a nice, uncut 7.5 inch dick.

Anyway, he comes over and he has a “play bag” with him. And as we get started he pulls out a penis pump. And not just a regular pump— this sucker is medical grade.

It turns out he had some negative effects from some chemo he had done, and the pump was prescribed as an “aid”. That and cialis. The pump was fairly new for him, but so far he was quite pleased with the results.

To be honest, the whole pumping thing has always fallen below my radar. I knew “of” it, but if never done it. And I’d only seen it a couple times on video. Mostly it always looked to me like the cock did swell up nicely, but it seemed temporary and possibly didn’t make the dick turgid enough. Anyway…

So daddy gets out his pump and these tight, elasticy rubber rings, and he starts pumping. And pumping. And GROWING.

Damn, I watched with some awe as his cock swelled and lengthened inside the tube. And soon his distended cockhead had expanded to the point where it was pressing against the tube walls.

Once he felt he had reached maxim potential he slid then rubber retaining rings over his shaft, and released the pressure.

His cock was an angry red, and fucking huge. Not in length per se, but my god it was THICK! And the flare of his cockhead was like a goddamn soup can! And now he wanted to fuck me with it.


So we did.

That motherfucker nearly tore my asshole as he pushed past. It burned like hell, even with poppers and tons of lube. But eventually my hole accommodated him and he was able to drill me.

He had me on my back, side, stomach, and doggy. Thank god I’d already been fucked by two guys earlier or I don’t know how I would’ve handled it all.

When he pulled out at the midway point of our session, a huge blob of cum poured out of my gaping hole and onto the sheet. He fingered it back into me so it wouldn’t be wasted.

He ended up re-pumping later on, and then shoved back inside me for the grand finale. We were fucking in a modified doggy (me ass up but leaning over the edge of my bed and snorting poppers till I was dizzy) when he finally stiffened up and shoved deep to unload his balls in me.

For an older guy he throws a wicked fuck. And he shoots a goddamn load and a half! He was suitably chuffed by his performance and suggested that now that he has this new “toy” we should fuck more often.

In my post-fuck stupor I said I’d take it any time. I hope I won’t regret those words.

My ass feels so fucking destroyed today.

Text 28 Jul

Anonymous said: Was the Motel 6 in Bloomington or Brooklyn Center?


Text 17 Jul 23 notes Sleazy Motel Fuck

Last weekend (as the super moon drew nigh) I found myself super horny. Shocker, I know. Well, I jumped online and ended up seeing a beautiful 8.5” cock on Adam4adam.

It was attached to a lovely older guy who was in town visiting with his partner. As it turns out, they were both tops, both wickedly horny, and both looking to breed some ass.

I volunteered mine.

They were staying at a Motel 6 in town, about 15 minutes from me— and this motel is fairly run down. And a bit sleazy. I’ve heard stories…. Ahem.

I arrived at the appointed time and knock on the door. I’m greeted by the naked partner, and walk in to find the 8.5” guy (named Steve) buried in some other bottom’s ass!

I didn’t know it was gonna be a 4 way and I was mildly disappointed.

Anyway, the partner (Dean) is absolutely no slouch in the cock department. He’s packing a full 7 inches, uncut, and thick as my wrist.

I barely had time to strip and lube before Dean was pressing that big fucker into my back door. Damn it hurt!! (Yeah, it was that thick and I was nervous in this 4 way scenario).

So after he pushed in and only got half way- I made him stop and pull out. He apologized and that’s when long dick Steve offered to open me up a bit first.

He pulls out of the other bottom and proceeds to mount me from behind. His Cock slid right in and bottomed out with his head up my second ring. Oh fffffffuuuuuuck yeah!

And uncut thick Dean lined up on the other bottom and started making him moan with his thickness.

We fucked like this for awhile and then Steve and Dean traded places. Now that I was open a bit more, Dean had no trouble getting that fat fucker in me. Double fuuuuuuuuuuck!

Where Steve has the length to tease, Dean had the hurt to please. I was in bottom pig heaven!

Steve was drilling the fuck out of the other bottom, hard, when the bottom dude starts saying “oh no! Fuck I’m gonna cum!” And bam. He’s shooting his jizz all over the hotel bedspread. Dean and I (while still fucking) are watching Steve fuck the cum out of the guy.

Once he was done spewing, though, he tapped out and went to go clean up. Which was perfect, as this left just me and the two tops. And I’m nothing if not a greedy bottom.

Dean pulls out of me to see other bottom to the door and Steve slides right in. Steve was absolutely in love with the way I could milk cock with my ass. He kept begging me to do it, and I told him if they played with my nips, my ass would spasm. So he did.

This time he fucked me on my back and was really up inside my colon. And now that they knew the nipple trick….

Dean and the other bottom were watching us as Steve says “you ready for load one?” I begged him to breed me and the other bottom said “yeah, fucking knock him up!”

And then with a hard shove, Steve starts cumming. But then he pulled most of the way out of me to finish dumping his load. I could feel the wet heat of his load in my ass!! And then he started fucking more.

His load was leaking out of my hole, but Steve showed no signs of going limp or stopping.

"Have you got more than one load for me?" I asked.

"Oh man, we’re just getting started on you," he tells me with a wink.

By now, other bottom has left and Dean wants more. Steve pulls out and Dean wants me to ride him. So I do. And damn is it good!

Dean’s cock, in addition of having a delicious amount of foreskin and being thick as fuck, also has a slight upward curve. It hit my prostate like a goddamn Mack truck.

He had me lean back until my ass was seated on the bed, and then he fucked in and out of me.

While in this position, they told me that Dean’s nickname among their fuckbuds was “the Sperminator” because he tended to fuck the cum out of the bottoms.

I could see why.

There was just something magical about Dean’s cock— the way it stroked and massaged my prostate. I had to make him stop a couple times because I was close to cumming no-handed.

Then it was Steve’s turn again. He had me put pillows under my groin to tip my ass up better. And then he squatted and drilled into me. The sharp down motion of his cock pushed dribbles of cum from my cock with every thrust. It was nearly painful, but mostly full on pleasure.

He fucked me like this awhile longer before I could tell he was getting close. I milked for all I was worth and was rewarded by Steve’s second load.

Then it was back to Dean (even though Steve was still hard). We kissed while Dean had me on my back drilling and filling me with that fat fucker.

And then I begged for double penetration. That didn’t work so well; their cock size and the angles and I needed better poppers … Well, at least we tried.

Steve and Dean passed me back and forth like a joint a few more times. I was begging for more loads and Steve said that he thought Dean was looking close. I asked if Dean might like to go all Sperminator on me.

So we did.

We got back in “the position” and Dean started pumping into me. It was a slow build but he was pushing me toward a no-handed orgasm. And I told him as much.

Steve was watching and said, “As soon as you start to cum, it’ll trigger Dean and you’ll get him to paint your guts.”

So I let it happen.

Very soon I was at the point of no return and told them so— very vocally. In face, I am pretty sure most of Motel 6 knew I was cumming.

And true to Steve’s prediction, Dean starts dumping his load into my ass. Feeling his thick fucker swell even larger with each pulse of his dick juice drove me crazy!

We eventually separated and I Figured we were done. But as I looked over at Steve he still has a raging boner!

"Fuck man!" I ask him, "Don’t you ever go limp??"

"That’s the beauty of modern pharmaceuticals," he says. I can fuck like a stallion and cum multiple times."

"Got another one?"

"Can you take me again? I really wanna fuck you with Dean’s load swimming in there. He cums a ton."

I just looked at him and then rolled over into all fours and presented my ass.

After I cum, I’m normally done. Like exit only. But I was really in a cum hungry bottom mood and I wanted more jizz in my hole. So I huffed more poppers and let him mount me again.

He went right for the downward drill move again, which was excruciatingly uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time.

He shifted around and we fucked more. And more. And more. And Steve showed no signs of stopping.

I asked to be on my back again. And I also asked if Dean would help me out with the poppers and by feeding me his semi hard, uncut cock while Steve fucked me. And if they could just maybe play with my nipples a little bit….

Let me just tell you— that’s when I went into full on whore mode. The combo of a long dick up past my second ring, the poppers, my nips being worked, and the silky feeling of foreskin on my tongue…. Well, let’s just say I turned into a man milking machine.

I have no idea how long this went on, but the next thing I remember was Steve gripping my ankles and pounding me like he was trying to shove his pelvis up to my liver, Dean driving his pubes to my nose, and me flogging my hard cock for all I was worth.

Then Steve blew his third load deep inside me— loudly. And I followed seconds later, with my cum spattering my chest and belly.

Dean quickly pulled out of my mouth, bent down, and licked up my spunk. Then kissed me. And Steve kissed me (while his dick was still twitching inside).

After that we were all done. We chatted a bit and discovered we were all from the same Midwestern state and knew some of the same people. Small world.

The next day I got a lovely text with some of the pictures we took along with high praises of my bottoming abilities. I was also told that if I ever made it to Florida, I was to look them up.

Text 6 Jul 23 notes Fucked Stoopid

No— words. Should have fucked— a poet.

Earlier today I had sex so good that I was literally fucked speechless, both during and afterward.

It came courtesy of my buddy with the 10 inch penis. I call him Big Ten and I’ve blogged about him several times before.

Every time we have sex, it’s like the best sex I’ve ever had. Seriously, he’s *that* good. And if you are a bottom and you’ve never taken a cock so big that it fucks you WELL up past your second ring— well, I pity you. It truly is a life altering experience.

Anyway, he came over today and BAM! Not only did everything purr like a well oiled machine, it ran like a fucking Bugatti Veyron!

He fucked me for one and a half hours— nonstop. He never pulled out, because he’s so fucking big we can change positions and he never slides out. And MAN did he fuck me today!

At one point, the sex was so electric and felt so good, that I just started laughing. Giddily laughing and I couldn’t stop. It was THAT intense and THAT good.

He had me babbling apologies and saying how goddamn good it felt and how it was…..

I lost words.

I was just babbling incoherently. I was also almost hyperventilating and trying hard not to swallow my tongue.

The finale included me doggy style, him pulling out to jack a bit (he’d edged too many times inside me), and then he shoved back in to the hilt to blow his load into my spleen.

I may have been speaking in tongues at that point, I don’t know. All I know is that when he collapsed on top of me and I collapsed on the bed, I had cum everywhere and didn’t even realize it.

Yeah. It was ridiculous. I’m still vibrating from it hours later.

Text 3 Jul 14 notes He should know better

So, a guy came over and bred me last night. (No surprise there). But I was a bit surprised when I learned what his occupation was.

This guys has fucked me a couple times before. He’s a bit heavier than I typically like and I’m not very attracted to him, but he has a thick 7.5” cock which tends to make up for a lot of flaws.

Last night I saw him on Scruff and asked if he had a load for me. He said he could be over in 15 minutes. So I told him to bring it.

I know he has a profile on Adam4Adam, too, which is how I hooked up with him before. He also had one on BBRT.

Anyway, he came over and I was quickly on my knees blowing his nice thick cock. Then he grabbed me and pushed me toward my bed.

I sucked him some more, and then he had me lube his dick so I could ride it. Damn but his thick fucker felt good sliding up my ass raw!!

He grabbed my hips and pumped me for a good 10 minutes. And then it was onto all fours for some deeper penetration.

And then at the end he pushed me onto my stomach and humped the hell out of my hole.

I was moaning from the friction and begging for his load. “You want it?” He panted. “You want this 5 day load up your ass??”

Fuck yes I did. I clamped my hole with all my might and arched my ass to meet his thrusts. It didn’t take long and he was flooding me with his spunk.

When he was spent, he pulled out and rolled off me. I scooped the final few drops of jizz from his piss slit and fingered them up my ass. Damn was my hole a cumsloppy mess!!

While basking in the afterglow, he asked what I did for a living and I told him. Then I asked what he did.

"You don’t know?" He asked suspiciously.

"Nope," I said.

"Um, I’m an HIV educator." He says sheepishly. "I hope you aren’t the kind to ‘kiss and tell’- I don’t do hookups often and I really don’t want people in the community finding out that I do… this."

"Dude- you’re secret is safe with me," I told him. "You just made the sex so much hotter!!! I love that you put your raw cock in me and I just took your seed bareback. You’re a DL fucking pig! You can breed me any time!!!"

"I know that I’m a hypocrite and I know that I shouldn’t fuck bare— but I just fucking HATE condoms," He confides.

"You and me both," I say.

Text 12 Jun 10 notes Wednesday Sex Party

A lovely couple of blokes host weekly sex parties for all us sex crazed homos here. Not only are they every Friday and Saturday, but they’ve started a midweek offering too.

The weekend parties always seem to get the “something better” crowd. You know, the guys who aren’t ready to guck yet because they want to hold off for something better to come along. And if there is one hot bottom available, all the tops will ignore you for a chance at him.


But on wednesday, everyone just seems down to fuck right off the bat. It’s a school night too, so there’s no waiting. Action happens immediately.

And because there are fewer bottoms around, I seem to be pulling in more cock.

Last night there were only like 25 or so guys at the party, but 6 of them fucked me, and 3 came in my ass.

#1- beefy bear of a guy with a thick sixer. He fucked me a couple times but never came in m.

#2- short guy, nice average cock. He kept promising to cum in me and saying that he “was real close” but I think he was just in it for the jack hammering. I eventually made him stop

#3- tattooed hipster glasses guy with a 7.5” cock and a 2 gauge PA. OMG he fucked the SNOT out of me! Bent over, me squatting and riding, me in my back. We took pauses, but he eventually slam fucked his load into me while sucking my toes. This was my second load.

#4- tan, mustache guy. (This was my first load, 4th cock) Ran into him and said “wanna fuck?” He said “yeah”. He bent me over a fuck bench and drilled his 8 incher into me HARD. It was a short fuck, but he dumped his nut in me with a grunt. Several guys watched him do it.

#5- old man with a THICK 7. The guy’s cock was beautiful and thicker than my wrist at the base. He fucked me for quite some time but couldn’t manage to breed me.

#6- anonymous guy. I was in a blacked out area on a fuck bench and old guy had just finished his turn. All I know about this guy is that he had very erect nipples and about 8 inches of hard cock. He didn’t even lube up, he just shoved in and POUNDED THE FUCK out of my hole. The fuckbed was slamming the wall and our moans were echoing through the fuck space. He eventually took a final hot of poppers, asked if I wanted his load, and then bred me up into my colon.

All in all, it was a hot fucking night!! My hole is still tingling from the abuse! I think I’m going to have to make the Wednesday night gigs a regular event!

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