Text 5 Jun 12 notes Finally!

I’ve been in heat for the past week and a half and I finally got the snot fucked out of me last night.

I went to a midweek sex party, and took six different cocks up my ass. For once I was like the “bottom of choice”— or maybe “best bottom available”. Regardless:

#1) Black stud with a nice tool
#2) Latino with short, fat cock
#3) hot ginger cub with 7”
#4) hot ginger cub’s “daddy” with a fat 8
#5) old, pony tail dude
#6) anon guy— it was dark

Numbers 2 and 5 bred me. I “thought” I was gonna get 3 and 4 as well, but they just took turns fucking the snot out of me.

I was bent over a couch and just getting used while a bunch of guys watched. It was kinda hot.

Occasionally my mouth would be filled by a hard cock as I was getting pounded.

I also spent quite a bit of time on my knees sucking cock. I got 5 loads that way— including #’s 3 and 4. They wanted to feed me, so I obliged.

The other loads I ate were one that I licked of ginger cub’s chest from some random guy. Plus two other guys that wanted to use my mouth to get off.

All in all, not bad for less than two hours of work on a Wednesday evening!

Text 27 May 10 notes Holiday Weekend

Well, I can honestly say I was hoping for more dick than I got— but I still was used quite a bit this past weekend.

I had had a bit of a dry spell (not feeling well and also some travel and family) so I didn’t have much to report for like a week and a half. So I’ll start with last Thursday:

Thursday morning before work my banker buddy came by and dumped a quick load in my hole. Then I went to work. And then later that evening a buddy came by and nailed me well.

This is a partnered guy who plays around with me on the DL. And raw. He’s shorter, wiry, and has 7.5” of proud, thick meat on him. He was in a crazy horny mood and he just fucking used my hole. And left me very full!

Saturday I lucked Into a session with BigTen. I had hit him up earlier in the week but his weekend plans were up in the air. I just happened to log on to Manhunt and there he was.

Fifteen minutes later he was over and we were fucking. And MAN he fucks well! I know I say this every time— but every time it’s the best sex I’ve ever had! I mean, how could 10 inches of rock hard cock that is 7” in circumference NOT be the best sex ever?

He hadn’t cum in a week either and used my hole to edge himself. When he finally came inside me—- oh my g-d. HUGE load!

Then on Sunday, after an evening of drinking and carousing with friends, I found myself at home, buzzed, and horny as fuck. So I jumped online and a buddy of mine was on and looking.

He only lives a mile away, so he was over very quickly and… damn. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to have a good buzz going and then do poppers while taking cock. He ate my ass then pounded me doggy style. I was actually worried the bed shaking would disturb my neighbors!!

I was in blissed-out heaven by this fuck! It was one of those fucks that just felt *good*, you know? Where everything just works and he hits deep enough to hurt but also feel awesome. And he isn’t small— his online handle is 7 plus. It’s a thick 7. And “Plus”.

So I went to bed that night with his swim team in my ass.

But Monday dawned and after the great fuck from the night before, I was still goddamn horny. So I started looking.

First up was a dom daddy top. He was silver haired, barrel-chested, furry and handsome as hell. He also had just a touch of BO going, which made him even hotter! And damn he sure knew how to take charge. I was his boy and his hole that afternoon. He used the hell out of my mouth and ass.

The best part was when he held me down on my stomach, kicked my legs apart, and bear hugged me while pounding my hole. I was well rewarded with a nice warm load in my guts.

At this point I figured I was done with sex (as everyone else seemed to be flaking out online). But I ended up getting a booty text from the guy I’m sort of in love with. Or at least in severe lust with.

He came over at 7:30 and tore my hole UP! He’s got about 7 inches, but the base gets really thick. I asked him to go in easy— but he just shoved in. Hard. And it hurt like fuck. (I even bled a little).

But we were both undeterred. And eventually I ended up on my stomach, one leg cocked out to the side, and he fucked the snot out of me. Eventually I relaxed and it started feeling really good— which was just about the time he filled me with his spunk.

And this guy, if you remember, is the BIG cummer. As his cock pulsed in me, I could feel the wet heat start to fill me. I milked him to get it all, and when he pulled out a trail of his load started oozing down my ass crack.

The rest of him came out this morning.

And unfortunately my hole is still craving more. #BottomCumpigProblems huh?

Text 16 May 35 notes Fantastic Sex

Okay, so there’s this guy that I’m sort of infatuated with. He’s completely emotionally unavailable, but sexually?

He’s very available.

This man is 6’3”, bearded, muscular, inked, and handsome. With a beautiful 7” cock that gets extremely thick at the root.

He texted me on Thursday morning and asked if I was busy that evening. I said I wasn’t but would love to be. He clarified by saying, “You understand this text is because I want your hole.”

I assured him I did.

He arrived and we were immediately kissing. Then abruptly naked with my mouth on his cock. He fucked my mouth while playing with my nipples. He loves how I go cock crazy when my nipples are worked.

He quickly tired of my mouth, though. “I want your hole,” he says, “Get on your back.”

"Go a bit easy," I say.

He just laughs.

He positions his lubed cock at my hole, and then just pushes in. It hurts a little, but also feels fucking hot.

He does me a favor by fucking a bit slower at first, pausing when he’s hilted out so I can relax around his girth. But once he senses I’m taking his thickness, he fucks me mercilessly and for his pleasure.

It’s rough, but I take it. I grunt, groan, moan, and beg him to use my hole. I cry out at his thrusts with lots of “oh fuuuuck you’re thick!” And “god damns” and “aaaaah fuck.”.

The first orgasm doesn’t take him long. I get off on watching his body tense up, his face take on a look of near pain as he gets close, and then finally thrusts into me to unload his balls.

I can honestly feel the wet heat of his cum fill my ass. He’s a huge cummer.

He stays buried in me so I can milk him for awhile. And then unceremoniously yanks out of my butt. Because he’s so thick at the base, when he leaves me his load leaks out of my gaping hole. My thighs, balls, and taint are wet with his seed.

We lounge a bit, cuddle a little, and talk a lot. But before too long he declares his need to fuck me again.

"Suck me. Get me hard so I can fuck that sweet ass again," he commands.

Info as I’m told.

After some sucking and dirty talking, his cock is up and rarin’ to go again. This time I’m told to get on my stomach. This is his favorite position for fucking— me face down, one leg sent long, one cocked to the side so he can fuck my hole sideways.

He likes this position so that he can watch his cock slide in and out of my ass. He also can basically bludgeon my hole with his dick like this.

Again he is rough, but my hole is open and taking him now. It still hurts a bit and I am even more vocal as I take my pounding.

It’s awesome.

Even more awesome is the cum sloppy wetness that is my ass now. He is churning butter and his cream is pouring out of my ass and down my balls. Then he suddenly stops fucking me… And does something glorious.

He pulls out, and gently rubs his cock head up and down my crack and over my hole. Then he uses his head as a scoop and he collects his first load— then slowly shoves it back into me.

I’m in pig heaven.

He then starts fucking me in earnest again. I grunt, shout, call him names like “dirty fucker” while I beg for his cum. I plead and beseech him to shoot inside me. To fill me again. To mark me. To claim me with his DNA.

He assures me I’ll get it.

His hands move to my hands, his fingers intertwine with mine and his grip becomes firm. Angry. He’s holding me down forcibly and fucking me hard with his entire dick. And I have my ass tipped to take every thrust.

He speeds up and I know my reward is close at hand. My vocals are loud now, and I don’t care. If my neighbors didn’t know what a dirty, fucking cumpig I was before— they do now.

With a few last thrusts, he cries out and he’s fillings ass a second time. The wet heat envelops my insides and I feel so full. So damn full it’s uncomfortable.

After I milk him dry, he pulls out— more gently this time. My hole is sore and wonderfully full of him.

We then cleaned up and went to dinner together. We talked and laughed and had a great time. Just like two good buddies. Only one buddy was worried that He was leaving a wet spot on the booth upholstery.

Text 11 May 3 notes

bigmonsterdick said: Where can I find spots like th ones u refer to in different cities is there a specific popular website or what

Www.barebackrt.com or www.adam4adam.com or manhunt or scruff or growler (apps) there’s many hookup sites

Text 9 May

jockhole said: Would you ever travel to get loaded up? Say, to another state if you found a really hot daddy?

It would have to be really special— like for Jonah Falcon or for a treasure island BB gang bang.

Why travel when there is so much cock right in my own back yard.

Text 9 May 1 note

bigmonsterdick said: I love your stories. Keep em coming. Is it fiction or non fiction

Non fiction. What I write here on this page are accounts of my actual sex life

Text 5 May 1 note

Anonymous said: I want to let go and be a cum dump that I always dreamed of. How bad was becoming poz?

You can get on PreP and that should free you up to be a cum whore and keep you neg….

Text 1 May 25 notes Sperm Banker

He found me on manhunt and we started chatting. Our chat quickly escalated to planning a hookup. And then to texting naughty pics and videos to each other.

It turns out he’s partnered and can only really play in the mornings before work. Normally I would say “to hell with that!” Because I like my sleep. But there was something about this guys… And more than just the fact he lives all of one mile away.

So I agreed.

We scheduled our fuck session for this morning— 7:15 am. It would be time enough for a semi-quickie before either of us had to be at work. (He’s a banker guy).

Part of me was thinking he would bail out, like so many do. But I got up earlier than normal and prepared things for his arrival anyway.

At 7 am I got a text.

Him: we still on for this morning?
Me: fuck yes we are
Him: good. I’m downstairs in your lot. I’m early.
Me: give me 5 more minutes

I finished getting ready and had him come up.

As promised I was waiting on my bed on all fours, ass lubed and ready. He walked in and… Damn.

He was handsome. And dressed in a full suit. Grey. I could see his erection straining against his tight trousers (he dresses right). There is something about a man in a suit that is so fucking sexy!

He stroked my ego while he slowly stripped— called me hot. Liked my ink. Said my ass was pretty. All good things.

His shirt tie off and his dress shirt unbuttoned to reveal a stocky, furry chest and belly. And When he finally undid his suit pants, he wasn’t wearing underwear. And I immediately started gobbling his cock and feeling up his fur-clad thighs.

Then we were both naked and he gobbled my cock.

And then we fucked. Doggy style. While he filmed it!

All our dirty talk from the day before had him pretty torqued up, so he didn’t last long inside me. Which was fine as we had limited time anyway.

And let me tell you— the man can cum. He left a big wad in my ass; I could feel the hot wetness when he flooded me. And he left me feeling “full”.

We both got dressed for work and chit-chatted pleasantly. As it turns out, he’s a horny devil and he wants to breed me again tomorrow morning.

I sent him of to work with a kiss and a load lighter, then made my way to work with that greasy Fuckhole feeling.

Sitting in a meeting and talking to my work colleagues (and boss) with an assload of fresh cum was a really novel way to start my day. And I quite liked it!

I think we need to do this more often.

Text 30 Apr 13 notes Sawed-Off Daddy

I see him at the gym often. He’s a 50-something, barrel-chested, fireplug of a man. A bit furry, a bit sexy.

And swinging between his legs is a 7 inch, mushroom-headed, proud piece of meat.

We’ve played a little before— just a bit of show and tell. A bit of jacking. But that’s it. Until this evening.

For some reason the gym was a bit dead this evening. Normally on a Wednesday, the locker room is crawling with guys looking to get off, and the subsequent cock blockers. But not tonight.

I saw daddy in the sauna, and I decided to join him. I sat, legs spread, across from him and casually started stroking m dick. He quickly joined. I got up and stood in front of him and he immediately grabbed by dick and started playing.

I knew the steam room was empty too (if just scoped it out), and suggested we switch locations for a bit more privacy. So we did.

Once under the cover of the steam, we adjourned to the back where he started sucking my dick and playing with my butthole.

He wasted no time spinning me around and standing up behind me. He pushed me down to where I was bent over and he tried to enter me. But it just wasn’t working.

I tried to squat down as far as I could to position my hole correctly, but it was just not quite right. Plus, all I had was spit for lube and he has that big damn head!

We stopped and I said, “lemme get some lube…”. I dashed to my locker and grabbed a small bottle of gun oil that I keep in my gym bag for just such occasions.

I got back, lubed up, slicked his dick a bit, and bent over (squatted) again. And this time— success!

That big fucking knob of his popped in me, and then he slid in until he was bald deep. He grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass while I grabbed a bench for support.

We were facing the door, so we could break apart fast if someone walked in. But the fates were smiling on me tonight and guys drifted by, but didn’t come in.

He picked up tempo and I started bucking back into him while he thrust. “Do it!” I told him. “Cum in me!”

He thrust a few more frantic times, then suddenly he rose onto his tippy toes, shoved deep, and groaned.

I felt his big head throb inside me. Once… Twice… Three times… Four… Five…. Each time he gave our a little huff/grunt.

"Fuck yeah, sir," I told him. "I’ve been waiting for that load for a long time!"

He pulled our and sat down in the bench. “Nice ass,” he said with a light smack on my buttcheek.

"Thanks— and thanks for the load." I told him as I headed for the showers.

Text 24 Mar 1 note

Anonymous said: What brand of Poppers to you enjoy the most. I have tried several but have not found one that is worth repeating

Jungle Juice Platinum seems to be pretty good. Although lately I’ve been enjoying NOT using them.

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