Text 19 Jan 13 notes Good workout.

And an even better warm down afterward.

I’ve mentioned before that my gym is really cruisey. Did I say cruisey? Hell, it’s basically a fucking bathhouse. And today there was fucking.

I finished my workout earlier than normal and hit the steam room. I was alone in there, but was soon joined by this handsome bearded bear guy. I’ve seen him before and we’ve played “show and tell” in the showers before. But now we were alone.

Soon we were jacking off, and then my mouth was on his cock and he was moaning out loud.

I wish his cock were bigger— it was 4.5” or so. Decently thick, but certainly not enough to hit the back of my throat when I was sucking him.

He stood on the first tier of tiled bench and I stood on the floor. It put his cock right at mouth level and I went to town. He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. Since it wasn’t gagging me, I let him.

Soon he was grunting and with an “oh fuck!” He started flooding my mouth with his cum. He gave me one nice mouthful of load which I swallowed for him. And then I slowly milked the final drops out.

We chatted a bit afterward, then he was off to the showers.

But then the guy I was waiting for came in.

I’ve seen this guy many times before. We run into each other all over the place, including the weekly sex parties we go to once in a while. He’s even bred me in the steam room before. And ever since that one time I’ve wanted him again.

The dude has a beautiful cock and huge nuts. 7.5” or so in length, but god damn is it fat! Big mushroom head, and then midway down the shaft it balloons out to beer can proportions before tapering down a bit toward the base.

The first time he bred me, I saw stars. The entry was rough and it hurt like a mofo! Thank god it was only a couple minutes before he squirted.

Anyway- he was back and we were alone. We instantly were jacking off for each other and then jacking each other.

Since it was just us in the room, I told him I wanted to feel him jizz in my guts again like he did before. And how I’d been trying to get him alone in the steam room for months so we could.

He had a small bottle of lube with him (and I had actually prelubed my hole at my locker). He fingered my hole while jacking and got himself slicked up…

And then someone else walked in.

We broke apart and acted all nonchalant. And then I saw who it was. It was this Pakistani dude who is a big ol faggot cocksucker. He’s sucked me before and I’ve watched him suck numerous guys.

We were all playing in no time. Me sucking big cock (and gagging) and the paki packing my cock into his mouth. Then it was time.

Big cock got behind me and got his head in me. The paki dude was sitting on the lowest bench and bent over sucking me while big dick started pushing in me.

It hurt so goddamn much! Once again, I nearly blacked out when he pushed the thick part through my assring. I think it’s because of the lack of good lubing and also the extreme heat in the room.

I stood up as the rest of his cock sank into me to the hilt. I was getting slow fucked by a huge cock and my nipples worked while getting sucked. It was hot and painful and intense.

And then we were interrupted AGAIN!

This time it was by a straight dude. We had enough warning, but barely. When the shadow crossed the door, big dick yanked out of my hole and the paki quickly scooted away. The pullout hurt almost as much as the entry!

After this- it was a steady stream of guys into the steam and sauna. We had to wait like 15 minutes before it calmed down and the right mix happened again.

This time it was in the sauna.

I was standing by the door, sort of guarding it. Big dick was sitting on a bench behind me stroking and fingering my ass with lube. The paki dude was sucking this older (but hot) daddy dick and a fifth fat older guy watched and jacked his meat.

Big dick got worked up and slid into me again while the other 3 watched. After a minute we had to disengage due to heavy traffic in the shower area. But then it was play time again.

Big dick got behind me a final time and hilted out in one push. My ass was ready for his girth this time and I easily took it. I started thrusting back onto him and slamming into his groin while milking him with my hole.

The other 3 guys had stopped playing to watch us. Bid dick gasped a little and said, “oh god….”.

"Cum in me!" I said loud enough for everyone to hear.

And with a hushed grunt, he started cumming in my ass. The hot daddy who had been getting his dick sucked said “Holy fuck.” As he watched the breeding.

I milked and worked big dick for as long as I could (until more foot traffic caused us to pull apart).

We both cleaned up and I left the gym with two cum loads— and a sore ass.

Text 13 Jan 10 notes The Birds & Bees

I vividly remember the first time I saw my dad cum.

I was in 2nd grade, so I must have been about 7 years old. I know it was second grade, because after this I knew more about sex and how it worked than anyone else and was king shit on the playground for a month or two.

It was in the spring, and my dad was working in the garage one nice weekend. He was “tinkering with his car”, as I recall. He wasn’t very mechanically inclined, but he did do some basic maintenance. I don’t know where mom was, but she wasn’t around… probably grocery shopping or something.

We had a sailboat, and it was still in the other garage stall. I used to like to play in it and pretend I was going on voyages, etc. Well, I had snuck into the boat and was hiding in it, planning on jumping out and scaring my dad when he came back to work on the car.

He eventually re-entered the garage and was up at the front of his car, hood open, messing around. I could hear him banging around some, and I stayed hidden in the boat.

Then it got kinda quiet in the garage. I heard dad shuffling around some, then I heard his pants unzip. And that’s when I heard it. A light, rhythmic “shhhhhhing” sound. This got me curious, so I peeked above the side of the boat.

I saw my dad standing at the front of his car, pants undone and half pulled down, ass on the grill, with his hand stroking his penis. My breath caught in my chest. As open as my family was with nudity and stuff, I knew that this was somehow different. But I couldn’t stop watching.

His eyes were half closed as he fisted his erect cock, and his legs were locked and flexing. Now, I’d seen his erection before during “bathtime”, but never like this. And never being touched in this manner.

I heard his breath start to quicken, and watched as his body began to shudder involuntarily. Which is when I saw the white fluid spurt from the end of his cock and into the waiting oil rag in his other hand. It sure didn’t look like pee. His hand slowed down and eventually stopped, and he used the rag to collect the last bits from his dick. Then he put the rag on the engine, pulled up his pants, and zipped up with a sigh.

I ducked back down in the boat quietly, where I knew I would now have to stay until dad left the garage and went back to the house. Thankfully it didn’t take long— maybe 5 minutes— and he went inside.

I quickly got out of the boat, and nonchalantly walked to the front of the car. I was curious about the white pee in the rag. I found the rag and opened it up. And there before my eyes was the first cumload I’d ever seen in person. It was thick and pearlescent and looked like snot. “Why did dad’s penis shoot snot out when he played with it… is he sick?” I remember I wondered.

I was still looking at it when I heard my father clear his throat behind me. I froze.

“What are you doing?” he asked abruptly.

“Um, nothing. I was just gonna help you fix the car… if you wanted.” Yeah. Right.

His eyes bore into mine. “Were you watching me?” he asked.

“No.” I answered a little too quickly.

He knew I was lying, of course. He could always tell. “You don’t have to lie to me. It’s okay if you were. So… what did you see?”

And because I could never keep a lie going with him, especially under his knowing gaze, I spilled everything. How I had watched him rub his penis and how snot came out and was he not feeling well? Everything.

He chuckled at me. “No, it isn’t snot. It’s called semen. And it is a natural function of the man’s penis. But it only happens after you go through puberty, which won’t be for several years. It’s part of how babies are made.”

And then he proceeded to tell me an abbreviated version of the birds and the bees talk. I told him that from the other kids at school, I had gathered that the boy put his penis somewhere in the girl and peed. Then a baby grew. My father corrected my knowledge and I added words like sperm and vagina. But I was still puzzled.

“But… you weren’t making a baby.” I said.

“No. The same fluid comes out when a man has sex with a woman. But sometimes, guys secretly make the fluid come out all by themselves just because it feels really good. And this is called masturbation.” he explained.

“It feels good?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Most guys secretly do this every day— sometimes even a couple times a day. But always in private. It’s not something you really do in front of others. I never would have done it in front of you had I known you were watching.” he said. “So we shouldn’t ever tell anyone. Especially mom, ok? She isn’t a guy like us, so she wouldn’t understand. Besides, it won’t be long before you start masturbating in private too.”

I agreed to keep our little secret, and I didn’t see my father masturbate again for another seven years or so. But that time, and many times afterward, we masturbated together.

Text 5 Jan 1 note

cumlover76 asked: Hey with you taking bb cock so much aren't you worried about getting HIV. I want to do BB but scared to do so

You can get on PREP and reduce your infection risk. Or wear condoms.

Or trust guys who say they’re neg.

Text 30 Dec

Anonymous asked: Love your FUCKET LIST! but There are some things not on your list that I've wondered about - especially for a power bottom like you. Do you ever play with dildos? How do you feel about fisting?

I’ve done toys— I much prefer live cock.

And I’ve fisted a couple guys— but I will never get fisted. I can’t even stand having ONE finger in my hole, let alone 5

Video 29 Dec 31 notes

Big Ten’s cock in my hole— then G-man adding his to me for my first ever DP.

Text 29 Dec 41 notes Achievement… Unlocked.

Today I got to experience the magic of doing two sexual things that I’ve never ever ever ever done before. And it was pure magic.

I like to think of myself as “sexually experienced”. “Well Used” might be accurate too. I’ve done three ways, fourgys, anonymous breeding scenes, bookstores, bath houses, slings, gang bangs, bondage, flogging, blindfolds, public sex, sex parties, sex while stoned, etc. I’ve been videotaped having sex and have videos on xtube and other sites.

I’ve done a lot.

But I had never made a porn video before where I was the cameraman. And I had never been double penetrated.

Now both items are off my “fucket list”

Last Friday I was getting bred by this guy I’m sort of on love with. He’s a totally handsome, furry, ginger with perfect auburn hair and beard. Anyway, we got to talking and I said how much I wanted to watch him get fucked by my buddy with the 10” dick. He got very turned on by the idea. And was anxious to try out the “biggest cock I’ve ever taken”.

Well, as it turns out, Big Ten was available today. And he was totally up for test driving Ginger-man’s ass after all my high praise. So I set it up, and had them both over to mine for an epic threeway.

They arrived at the appointed hour and we all stripped. G-man dropped to his knees to worship at the altar of massive cock— and I started filming.

We eventually moved to the bed and G-man got ready to ride the Big Ten’s massive fuckstick. Again, I got it all on video. The first penetration— and the poppers hit needed to get past the thick point. And all the delicious wrecking of his cunt afterward, with all his moans of ecstasy and yelps of pain.

And G-man’s beautiful bearded face in the throes of ultimate pleasure.

It honestly boned me up like nothing else, watching the guy I have a crush on taking my favorite cock of all time. My dick hasn’t been that hard since… Well… For a long time.

I did stop filming occasionally to join in. But always found myself going back for more footage. More angles. More positions. Video of G-man sucking my dick while getting pounded.

I’m hard even now as I recall these details and the look as he was nursing on my rock hard dick.

I was hoping to get footage of Big Ten breeding G-man all the way up in his colon. But even though I warned him about the massiveness of the meat he was going to take, he had to tap out after 45 minutes of fucking. He just couldn’t take any more.

So then it was my turn.

I straddled Big Ten, and forced my ass down onto his cuntwrecker. Poppers helped a lot. G-man (who normally breeds me) was still hard and hadn’t cum yet.

He knows my weakness are my nips, so he got up behind me and started working my tits. I was so turned on I said, “I want you to DP me!”

G-man, now knowing full well the magnitude of the 10 incher that was now inside MY hole just asked “Are you sure?”

"Dude, I’ve never been DP’d ever, and I’ve never wanted to try it more than I do right now. Please put your dick in me— and for Chrissy’s sake FILM IT!"

He lubed up and grabbed my camera. He pressed record and got some footage of Big Ten inside me. Then he gently pushed me forward while I hit the poppers like crazy. Big Ten worked my nips gently and G-man started nudging his cock head into my chute.

Oh my god. The pain. The intensity. The feel of a second cock entering me (and G-man is about 7” and has a mushroom head).

I cried out to every deity in the litany as G-man worked to get in me.

Then… POP!

His head popped past my sphincter, and he slid all the way inside me. In thst moment I think I saw Nirvana. It was the most intense “fullness” I have ever felt.

And then he started fucking me. Big Ten basically remained motionless on bottom, other than working my nips (which worked me into a fuckfrenzy). And G-man pounded away at my hole, his cock wedged between my ring and 10 inches of cockmeat.

I started loudly begging for him to breed me. I NEEDED to feel G-man cum inside my double-penetrated manhole. It took about five sensational, mind blowing minutes, but soon he was panting heavy and I knew he was close.

"Dude, this is so fucking hot! I’m gonna put my seed in you… Ready?"


And he did. Loudly. And with extreme prejudice.

G-man pulled out, as did Big Ten and we all had to do a little cleanup after the destruction my ass just went through. And G-man was done so he took off. But Big Ten hadn’t cum yet. So he and I went at it again.

Big Ten fucked me for 30 more minutes before his spunk ended up in my colon— and mine ended up spattering him, me, and my sheets, during the most intense orgasm I’ve had probably ever.

Afterward my mind was spinning, going on twelve different directions at once. To his credit, Big Ten just lay there silently with his softening cock still inside me, while I processed everything that had just happened.

Truly it was one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life.

Text 16 Dec 14 notes Happy World AIDS Day, Faggot.

I had a “play date” a couple weekends ago on Sunday— as it so happens it was world AIDS day. And it was a very naughty play session indeed.

The fuckbuddy that hit me up has a particular kink. He really gets off on dirty talk. Not just run of the mill dirty talk either— he gets off on poz talk. You know, talk about knocking up a bottom with his toxic jizz. That sort of thing.

And let’s just say that I don’t mind this talk— mainly because he has a beercan fat 7 inch dick on him. I can “get into” a lot of things if it’s attached to a cock like that! He hit me up on a non-hookup oriented social media site and was looking to get his dick wet. I was horny as hell so I said, “Sure, cum on over!”

He was very particular about what he wanted during our session.

I was to be pre-lubed and waiting on all fours, blindfolded. And wearing a jock or something suitable to display my ass. He would walk in and have his way with me and leave. And he was gonna “talk” during our session.

I got ready and put on a pair of assless shorts for him. I also had my blindfold at the ready (as well as the poppers and lube). He called from downstairs and I buzzed him up, donned the blindfold and assumed the position.

I heard him enter and lock the door.

“So, faggot. Your ass ready to take my deathbabies?” he asked.

“I really want to feel that big raw cock in me, but please pull out before you cum? I don’t wanna get sick,” I tell him, just like he wants to hear.

“Dude, you know the drill. I fuck and I don’t like to pull out. If you want this dick, you’re gonna take it til I’m done with your hole.”

“Please pull out? You can shoot in my mouth instead… if you want,” I suggest.

“I’ll think about it. Now suck my cock and get me ready!”

So, I opened my mouth and let him feed me his dick. His thickness stretches my jaw and I know it’s going to do the same to my ass when the time comes. He had one hand on the back of my head while he’s thrusting into me. I can taste his precum already as he’s obviously been thinking about our impending fuck.

“Turn around, faggot. I’m gonna use that ass now.”

I do as I’m told, and I hear him lubing up his thick fuckstick. I fish around for the poppers on the bed and take a good hit.

“Oh yeah, baby show me that hole! You ready for my poison penis? You want it?” All I can do is nod in my popper induced haze.

He pops his thick mushroom head inside me, and pushes in to the hilt in one swift motion. There is a stab of pain as he bottoms out inside me. But also pleasure.

He doesn’t wait to let me get used to his dick- he just immediately starts fucking me with it at a medium pace. I’m on all fours and he’s drilling into me from behind, hands roughly gripping my hips.

“Fuck yeah, bitch! Take my toxic cock. You like taking poz dick, don’t you? You get off on having AIDS just one squirt away!”

“No!” I tell him. “I just like feeling your fat cock in me without a condom. Please pull out before you cum! Don’t make me HIV+!”

“What’s the point of pulling out, you stupid cunt? I’m already leaking my sickness inside you! Can’t you feel all my dirty precum slicking up your insides? Every thrust I’m massaging my tainted DNA deeper and deeper into your guts. And you’re taking it, you bug chanson’ bitch!”

He reaches around to stroke my rock hard cock while continuing to thrust his dick inside me.

“See? You get off on this, you sick fucker! Your cock is rock hard! And I bet you’ll blow your last neg load as soon as I start knocking you up!”

He speeds up his thrusting and really started ramming my hole. He was doing a full pull out and ram back in and I had to do poppers like mad just to be able to take it. The whole time he keeps up his litany of poz talk— talking about his dirty DNA and getting me to “join the club”. He wants to be my gifter and be the one to convert me. His dirty talk just pours out of him like his precum.

Eventually he is ready to do the deed.

“Oh fuck, faggot! I’m getting close! It isn’t gonna be long now and your neg days will be over!”

“Just pull out! Please pull out! Cum in my mouth— I’ll swallow! I promise!” I beg.

“You fucking filthy cum pig bottom! I’m gonna give you EXACTLY what you want… and deserve!”

He thrusts hard a few more times, then parks his cock deep while holding onto my hips with an iron grip. Then I feel it. His cock spasming deep inside me— spitting out jet after jet of his semen. His big mushroom head throbs and swells with each spurt. My own orgasm is seconds behind, and I’m shooting my load in thick streams all over my sheets; my asshole involuntarily milking every drop from his dick.

After his orgasm subsides, he slow pumps me a few times, then RAMS his dick home to the bottom causing me to cry out in pain. While slowly pulling out of me, he leaned in close to my ear and whispered “Happy AIDS Day, faggot.”

Text 29 Nov 3 notes

Anonymous asked: Do you find it easier to take on very large cocks vs smaller ones? When I'm fucked by smaller dick si tend to be sore for a day...

I like larger ones— if only for the reason that they tend not to fall out repeatedly like the short ones

Text 29 Nov 1 note

Anonymous asked: Can I have your email I have some personal questions. Nothing to weird i promise hah

Um, why would I give out my personal info to someone who is anonymous on here and doesn’t even have a pic??

Text 20 Nov 2 notes

super-hornygayvideos asked: Are those stories real. They're really hot. Loved the leather store 1. Love the thoughts of gettin bred in public

Yeah they’re real. It’s my life.

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